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Just for laughs Inflatable Bra

A just for laughs clip Of Woman with an infaltable Bra.

25 thoughts on “Just for laughs Inflatable Bra

  1. @Wdfdude because ur flat chested

  2. The guy at the end cud be a player

  3. @SJluvre LMAO thats what i thought too hahahahahaha

  4. 自分のチンポに対する信認が足らねーから

  5. @CarsInsider You knew the video title before you viewed it; didn’t stop you from viewing it, now, did it? Someone is a hypocrite. Guess who?

  6. hahahaha lamo too funny lol guy acctualy kissed her ooooooo thumbs up if you agree 😉

  7. @rt22jsum what else then?

  8. @usukker The guys’ dicks.

  9. @1223Melo hahahahahahahahahahahahahhaha. ok nice one

  10. @usukker Lol.

  11. this proves that all the guys were REEELY focusing on the boobs and not the map

  12. 50 likes I’ll buy my girlfriend a necklace
    100 likes I’ll kiss her in the lips
    200 likes I’ll buy her this inflatable bra

  13. Guy at 0:43 had a boner!

  14. 0:52 😛

  15. That girl has small boobs maybe she should will buy that bra

  16. @Caberus08 yeahh, let me like that. not. retard

  17. The old dude just look hw couldn’t get a boner because to old…. Lmao

  18. imagine how much babies will want milk

  19. i like her breast ,,and cant i have like this for my wife

  20. what is the size of her BRA

  21. the black man was funny because i could only make out there was someone there when he smiled

  22. 0:40 THIS IS SPARTA!

  23. kiss kiss , best reaction ever

  24. 0:52 – the girl is jealous about having bigger boobs 🙂 LOL

  25. I would have been like “look i can do that, too” BOING!

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