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Just for Laughs – Otto Wessely

The Montreal International Comedy Festival – Otto Wessely

22 thoughts on “Just for Laughs – Otto Wessely

  1. You mean Quebec… Since… Y’know… Montreal Just For Laughs? He’s speaking french?

  2. Видел это выступление в Фридрихсбау варьете в Штутгарте- просто уписялись все от смеха!

  3. ret

  4. yahh,.., parang nasusuka na din aq,.,. haha

  5. -.- he reveals the tricks he does, how other magicians are going to make they’re money if everybody knows they’re because of him.

  6. Get real. Exposing 100 year old tricks damages nobodies living.

  7. -.- its not because they’re old that they are useless, I know alot of friend that they still do some of them and they get reaction

  8. Much too fast, no rythm…where’s the tension, the personality and a specific character ? He’s trying to make up for that by pure speed and quantity.Imagine the same routine presented by Tommy Cooper – he would have turned it into a 30 min, show and people would have died laughing.

  9. thats the joke about it.. you see him doing all the tricks so fast and you see how hes doin it… thats the joke of it an it makes the people laugh 😀

  10. at 4:11 the string is visible at the tiger’s mouth

  11. He reminds me alot of tommy copper! and if you dont know who he is youtube him lol

  12. What is the name of the songs?

  13. theres only one tommy cooper

  14. Sure, Tommy was the master, but this was still funny.

  15. Crimen Sollicitationis

  16. How can you dislike this?

  17. Please, what is the name of the song at 1:16 ? It’ s a valzer? 

  18. Comme les chansons sont appelés?

  19. Pretty funny! Check out my clown videos..

  20. 1:16 Fascination by Nat King Cole
    3:55 Rhapsody in Blue – Gershwin
    5:37 Also Sprach Zarathustra – Richard Strauss

  21. uuh, what happened exactly?

  22. dafaQ!!

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