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Just For Laughs Part 26-2

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25 thoughts on “Just For Laughs Part 26-2

  1. 7:40 I remember when I had one of those and it looked exactly like that one

  2. im hungry

  3. 3:08 lol hitler

  4. 7:00 bromas asta para perros

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  6. I have watched all of the just for laughs videos and it took a long time!

  7. 2:50 that’s actually happened to me before at work. T_T

  8. hahaha what a very nice trick..

  9. this at 03:00 is not funny. someone could realy be hurt. -.-

  10. 3:28-4:30 All those old people could have gotten heart attacks!!!

  11. thats crazy the first time i see this video im in brussels

  12. I wonder if the first one is still funny after they water a $3000 DSLR.

  13. i think you are dutch isn’t it? ik ben namelijk ook nederlands en het is
    niet don’t you find, maar don’t you think that it’s weird. volgende keer
    wel een beetje beter spellen

  14. 6:31 holy eyebrows!

  15. English MFkr English!!!

  16. so fucking nice clips.just for laughs rocks!

  17. I wanted to see them get it in someones mouth!

  18. ta fixe.

  19. hey yeah! .. yeah! ..yeah! man that first gig were that satue is pissing
    was in brussels beligum, i was there in 1995 on a cruise the brussels
    redlight hooker district rocked total ass

  20. For the snta, they could’ve poke his eyes

  21. In Belgium, at Brussel …It’s the capital!

  22. a little boy taking a piss is the national symbol of Belgium.. i’m one big
    piece of shame at this moment for being a Belgian…

  23. vguukkuu

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  25. gag 555

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