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Just For Laughs – scary copy machine

lmaooo i found this vid in the vault and taugh t i should share.THIS IS NOT MINE . ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES ONLY . SUBSCRIBE rate and and comment.

25 thoughts on “Just For Laughs – scary copy machine

  1. 0:48 cumshot

  2. It’s called the running man hehe

  3. I like how people are just perfectly content with a person in a copy
    machine… no one even attempted to help. If this was real, she is fucked.

  4. moon walk … haha

  5. you know what that girl in the copier should have done? at the begining
    when lady #1showed lady #2, the copier girl should have put a black piece
    of plasic so lady #2 would think lady #1 is insane! like if you

  6. sexyyyyyy

  7. razjebat ce tako ako bude lupo hahahaah

  8. 0:13 she looks like pheobe from friends

  9. Shocked as It’s so small!

  10. 00:49 that moonwalk..

  11. I love that everyone opens it and do the, AHH!LOL thing. It’s always the
    combo! Scream and then laugh. hahaha

  12. Notice how most of em are over 30? xD

  13. I disagree. That was a genuinely fearful response. Not the reaction of one
    who has just been woken (however bad she is at acting). She is sitting in a
    dark place for a lengthy amount of time with no indication when the next
    prank victim will turn up. She closes her eyes while she waits- perhaps
    guessing when she needs to be ready. She opens them to find the lid already
    up- and she is startled by the camera-man. You’re a fucking idiot if you
    jump out of your skin whenever someone wakes you up.

  14. Sharing is caring! 😀

  15. Get a freakin bat. Whose scared now!

  16. That girl got the door slammed in her face more times than I have :L

  17. 00:47 Michael Jackson

  18. the new old michael jackson 0:49

  19. I see someone accidentally press the dislike button. That’s ok. Just a
    happy accident.

  20. 0:56 I will eat your soul

  21. Sign of a Good friend. Gets pranked, shares it to a friend

  22. moonwalk at 0:50

  23. You need to make a photocopy? But what if the copy machine hides a scary
    secret? Watch people’s reactions when something normal turns out to have a
    different face.. Just For Laughs – scary copy machine


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