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Just for Laughs – The Zombie

Just for Laughs

25 thoughts on “Just for Laughs – The Zombie

  1. WTF an old guy wearing short shorts ewwww

  2. The last guy just roundhouse kicked it 😀

  3. 13 people died

  4. plants vs zombie

  5. the last man did a great job!!!

  6. first asian guys all like ” i am fu-king japanese, a fu-king zombie doesn’t fu-king scare me, we has Godzeeeeeeela

  7. If this is how people are gonna react when seeing a zombie, then we are all doomed when the zombie apocalypse finally comes

  8. hahahaha que genial video XD y la chava que se va corriendo a rajamadre jaja XD

  9. lol old guy in shorts

  10. Michael Jackson’s thriller crew left one zombie behind 30 years ago.

  11. this would work so much better at night

  12. haha love the way he runs…. lmfao =)))

  13. LMFAO dog could of bit off his face!

  14. last guy discoverd he was an offspring of chuck norris, Chuck wouldnt have missed..

  15. it would be better if it was a little bit dark lol

  16. The Karate kick was good lol.. Legend!

  17. What the fuck was that old guy wearing?

  18. Maybe he was blind?

  19. @Zigej i don’t know but is looks awful…

  20. karate kid will save us from the zombie apocalypse!

  21. if he was chasing me i was kick him in the nuts and kneees him in the face and then axe kick him and stab him in the head and stap on hism nuts and pimps slap him

  22. he should have waited and grabbed someones ankle

  23. Johnny cage’s brother should have practiced more…

  24. oouucchh!!!!

  25. the guy at the end was cool

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