Happy Passover 2012! What is Passover? www.jewfaq.org What is Chametz? ( en.wikipedia.org ) Laugh your way to a Passover Seder (the festival meal) near you! How do I sell it? www.askmoses.com Credits: Kol Ish is: Shawn Levine, Michael Gevaryahu, Ayton Sanders, Eliyahu Dvorin, David Lipsitz, and JJ Katz Visit us on Facebook www.facebook.com Follow us on Twitter twitter.com Visit www.Kolish.net Video by Ari Berkowicz Vocal Recording, Mixing, and Editing by Michael Gevaryahu Special thanks to guest participants in the video: Brian Finkel, Melissa Levine, Rachel Channon, Dov Lerner, Kfirah Covel “Just Had Chametz” is a parody of “Just Had Sex” by The Lonely Island (www.youtube.com The karaoke backtrack to this video is “The Lonely Island ft Akon I Just Had Sex Karaoke” by bbotcangmating (www.youtube.com We wish everyone a Happy and a Kosher Passover/Chag Kasher V’Sameach! ENJOY YOUR PASSOVER 2012!!!!! Lyrics: Sometimes, on Passover, we can’t suffer through 8 days of flat tasteless matza (Kol Ish… Sings ma nishtana, yeah!) so on this night…we’ve just got to sing: Just had chametz And it tastes so good (Tastes so good) I prematurely ate chametz on passover Just had chametz And I’ll never go back (Never go back!) To the constipation of the past. Have you ever had chametz? I have, it tastes great It tastes so good when I lick it off my finger- A bagel dripping schmeer, I literally just had it. Taste of it lingers like a stage five clinger. Never guess where I just came from