New Kids React Every Sunday Kids React to viral internet videos! Leave a comment on what videos you want to kids to watch next! —————– WATCH ADDITIONAL CONTENT FROM THIS EPISODE: More Lia More Morgan More William ————————- Created and Directed By Benny & Rafi Fine: Subscribe to us! http Bonus Channel: Sneak peaks of new videos on Facebook Follow us on Twitter Like our Facebook App! Dailybooth —————————- Viral videos watched this episode: “Chocolate Rain” “Psycho Girls Can’t Sing” “Pretty Girl Makes Faces” This month’s episode featured the following amazing kids! Lia Marie Johnson, age 13 William, age 9 Amber Barbell, age 10 Dylan Djoenadi, age 9 Athena Stamakinley, age 12 Morgan Bertsch, age 6 Emma, age 7 Sammie, age 6 Jake, age 11 Zach Pierce, age 8 Music by Joseph Carrillo Additional music provided by If you see this, type “4-K 4-Kever” in the comments. TAGS: kids react, kids react episode 3, three, Can’t Sing Psycho Girl Freaks Out When She Can’t Hit The Right Notes, psycho girl can’t sing, chocolate rain, pretty girl makes faces, viral videos, kids