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Lean process improvement – funny

This is a video I put together to support a Lean awareness course I’ve designed for work. The idea is that we run the video then hand out the story board and…

24 thoughts on “Lean process improvement – funny

  1. Hello! I am in Nordstrom IT and I’m trying to get everyone on our team excited for Kaizen! I thought this was a neat video to show everyone and would love a copy of the paperwork that helps identify and map the process of waste. Please and thank you!

  2. Hi Gary
    For some reason the email bounced back, do you have an alternative address please.
    Best regards

  3. Hi Richard,
    Very nice video ,and good for practicing. I would like a copy of the paper work.

  4. Hi Richard, great video !
    Can you send me a copy of the paper work?
    Thanks a lot

  5. hii Richard, excellent work. May I get a copy of the paper work to

  6. Hi! Brilliant video and great for explaining the principles of redesign and waste. Would you be able to send me a copy of the associated paper work? Thanks Adam

  7. Hi Richard,
    Brilliant video. I plan on using this video to wrap up our discussion of the Seven Wastes. Would you please be able to send a copy of the associate paperwork to the following email address:
    Thank you,
    Paul Nisco

  8. Would love to have a copy of your paperwork too if thats possible. Rebecca

  9. Hi Richard, great video. I’m going to be giving some Kaizen awareness training and will use the video. Could you e-mail the paperwork to kevin.graham @ sfm-limited. com
    Thanks for your help

  10. Can you please send me a copy for the activity

  11. No problem, could you please provide an email address to send it to.
    Best regards

  12. i saw plates!

  13. Hello Richard,
    Fun video for the classrom, I would love to use your video in my English training. Could you send me your paperwork. And thanks for posting your work, much appreciated!

  14. Richard – great video. If you could please send me the paperwork to it would be appreciated!

  15. Interesting! Kindly send me the paperwork too 🙂

  16. Richard, this video is perfect for my teaching of VSM. Could you please email me the paperwork? Thank you!

  17. Hello Richard,

    Video looks great and I would love to use it. Can you please send the paperwork to Thank you!!

  18. Great Video.  Can you please send the paperwork to Thank you!


  20. Hi Richard,

    Could you please send me the paperwork to the film. Planning to use it in an awareness session for legal professionals 9so they can learn to look at their processes. Email:

    Thank you

  21. Loved your video. I would like to use it with your permission in an office training class and would request the paper materials that go along with it. Debbie

  22. Hi Richard,
    Great video!.
    I agree that use funny situations is very usefull when your teaching, and humor is allways welcome, nothing is too serious.
    I will appreciate if you can send me all the material you use (including a copy of the vvideo) to
    I invite you to visit our web pages tiempocero(cl) and comunidadkaizen(com) (painfully for you both are in spanish).
    Regards and congrats.

  23. Absolutely brilliant! Very effective – can I have a copy of the paperwork when you take a break from your new found Hollywood career please? – all the best. Matt

  24. I would like a copy of the paperwork and video file please!

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