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Live Painting Prank

A very hungry painting hanging over a restaurant table comes to life. It wants to try the prank victims’ food, so it reaches out from the portrait to steal a…

24 thoughts on “Live Painting Prank

  1. that black guy has been pranked TWICE by JFL…

  2. It’s obvious that it’s a TV screen.

  3. there’s always one of you. just watch the damn video

  4. I watched the entire video, and it’s extremely obvious.

  5. @ECL28E I would give you a thumbs up but I can’t on my phone. I hope you’ll settle for a smiley face 🙂

  6. 1:07

  7. You racist jerk. I recomend listening to Martin Luther King Jr.’s speech again.

  8. How is pointing out that they used a stereotype racist?

  9. That is fake because they used the same perso

  10. That is fake because they used the same person in another vid

  11. i would have pulled his arm and be like YOU SOULD NOT HAVE DONE THAT KNIFE!

  12. Well… maybe they like chicken more than we do. :3

  13. Very GOOD VIDEOS.

  14. The black guy has been the “victim” in 3 pranks so far…(out of 353)

  15. Suscribe my channel!

  16. lol. Cool

  17. Stab it with the fork!!

  18. You mean Canadians?

  19. No… I mean black people. o__o

  20. lool always the black people ^^

  21. Phew, glad i didnt buy that painting from teh Hogwarts estate sale. :3

  22. 0:22 haha i like his serious face XD

  23. Dude. Stealing food from people with a multitude of sharp objects grasped in their hands for immediate use. Bad Idea.

  24. 1:07 best part!! XD

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