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LOL Lounge 2012 – James Adomian

Check out James Adomian’s set from the TBS LOL Lounge at Just for Laughs Chicago 2012. TBS Presents Just for Laughs Chicago is the nation’s biggest comedy festival with an astonishing array of comedians, sketch shows, specialty acts and films. Laughter invades Chicago each year. For more hilarious clips of TBS’s Just For Laughs Chicago, click here: Check out JFL’s blog

22 thoughts on “LOL Lounge 2012 – James Adomian

  1. James Adomian, hilarious as usual!! Drblblblincrediblblble!

  2. I want to have his babies and then laugh about it.

  3. i don’t get it. I need to watch more of this guy i guess.  This is not funny. pooey

  4. Pbsk

  5. This guy sucks.

  6. came here because of his interview with Maron today

  7. You suck.

  8. False. If I sucked, I would LOVE this guy.

  9. This needs a million more views and likes.

  10. Fantastic comedian. I think his jokes go over a lot of people’s heads.

  11. Hah, is that a Todd Glass impression at 3:30?

  12. good catch, seems like it is pretty close to Todd, but I don’t think it’s an exact impression. It seems like it was just a way to express his point

  13. I think the closeted comedian was an Andrew Dice Clay type of character.

  14. This guy has some great voices

  15. His Jesse Ventura is so awesome.

  16. His sportscaster voice is just like his Tom Leykis with less misogyny.

  17. HILARIOUS!!!!

  18. “sorry ladies….yer welcome, fellas!”

  19. I wonder how he does it.

  20. Huell Howser here looking for California gold!

  21. It will be a travesty if he never ends up on SNL.


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