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Maria Bamford On TBS: Just For Laughs

Very Funny.

24 thoughts on “Maria Bamford On TBS: Just For Laughs

  1. ur cock right?



  4. bare midriff!!

  5. love her in that tim and eric skit about cats, you gotta see it if you havent lol

  6. 1:13 if you want to go straight to her act

  7. martin luther king jr was a legend too, but i skipped his whole life… desu

  8. Desu?

  9. She’s turned random silliness into a job. And I thought I was just annoying people. Maybe I too could share the stage with Paul Rodriquez if I tried hard enough. But how am I gonna do that AND watch 10 hours of porn a day. That pornography isn’t going to watch itself. Damn her!

  10. Please check out our musical comedy!! We think you’ll love our naughty songs!

  11. god she looks old

  12. she reminds me of the 90’s

  13. That’s some fucked up captioning.

  14. Pema is so funny…

  15. Skip to 1:05

  16. not funny sorry

  17. Skip to 1:11 for the reason your watching this video

  18. “We must atone for the toner”

  19. check out ROBYN HASTINGS for COMEDY!

  20. I just got banned for the laugh factory youtube cause i said maria bamford was the only funny woman in stand up. like if you agree with me

  21. thats not true at all. they should send a hitman after you too.

  22. ya so did i , this dude hasnt been funny ever, in my opinion. which means nothing to a lot of people./

  23. i love the confused jocks in the front row

  24. why is it windy there?

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