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Monty Python- Knights Of The Round Table/Camelot Song

The Monty Python- Knights of the round table song. One of the funniest songs in Monty Python. It is very funny, watch if it you didnt already see it. Re-mastered with DivX. I re-uploaded this video becuase I noticed all the camelot songs uploaded so far are low quality. I also wanted to test Youtube.

25 thoughts on “Monty Python- Knights Of The Round Table/Camelot Song

  1. That dancing, my God, that dancing…frickin’ amazing choreography!

  2. Its only a model shh!

  3. This film was released while I was a pupil at Camelot Elementary School in San Antonio, TX. Now THAT was a silly place!

  4. @neilo86
    It actually is a real castle.. they only used one in the entire movie, all shot from different angles to make it look different each time.

  5. I have but one question…. What on god’s green earth is a pram?

  6. It’s only a model

  7. its the best movie ever^^

  8. a pram is what you use to transport small babies in, it’s like a baby bed on wheels XD

  9. @therealCraigMire No, it’s all about the cat 1:19 😀

  10. Spamalot this weekend!!

  11. @PsyloActiv Haha, thats one solid ass cat

  12. @oElizaoAo Prams are a wheeled menace!

  13. @JoeytheDon1000 , that is true

  14. i love this film XD

  15. @SuperODST1 Their incessant singing drove them all away

  16. the song had me laughing.
    the ending line sealed the deal.

  17. Off to see Spamalot tomorrow, so excited. 🙂

  18. that one hanging guy clapping gets me every time

  19. 1:18 This peasant is no more! It has ceased to be!

  20. “Canterlot!” “Canterlot!” “Canterlot!” “Canterlot!” “It’s only a model.” “Shh, spike!”

  21. Lets not go to camelot, it is a silly place :p lol

  22. hahahahahahaha love this movie

  23. Its the british word for stroller…

  24. @DinofFire It’s only a model

  25. This is my second favorite movie.It’s very funny.

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