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NHL Funniest Commercials

NHL Commercials=halarious Twitter:

24 thoughts on “NHL Funniest Commercials

  1. LMAO The one with the Sedins.

  2. @cena54john1 Forsberg*

  3. hahaha the sedin twins was defs my favorite<3

  4. the Commercial at 3:02 if that was Ovi and not Sid the entire country of U.S.A and Russia would be there….

  5. I made a toonie

  6. ive done that before


  8. Im feeling with you Jumbo, damn Toasts ^^

  9. was this made with a potato?

  10. Sounded like he sayd “Funny Sindy” at 5:52

  11. @CanadianTrolling ur a fucking bitch u try making it to the nhl

  12. omg when the hanson brothers came outta the cab i died

  13. @matt345621 I laughed at your grammar. Grow the fuck up you insensible joke. When you make it to the NHL, feel free to tell me.

  14. “is it in you” very appropriate commercial for Sydney Crosby

  15. @CanadianTrolling shut up ur canadien go speak ur fucking french to someone else

  16. @matt345621 I`m from Manitoba you dumbass. You sound American by your spelling. Am I correct?

  17. The Sedin Twins was the most funniest ahaha

  18. @CanadianTrolling yes becuz america is the best country

  19. @matt345621 america full of fucking retards

  20. @pismostroch bitch dont come here then

  21. pismostoch then what the hell are you!

  22. hahaha the nazzy/kovalchuk commercial is great.

  23. @CanadianTrolling takes up all the space

  24. honey why is peter forsberg in our bed?……. Banging me

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