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“Oh Baby Kissing Herself In The Mirror!” – Funny Babies Mugglesam

Oh baby Bella kissing herself in the mirror. So cute! On our 8th year of Youtube! Subscribe for new weekly videos! MAIN CHANNEL:…

25 thoughts on ““Oh Baby Kissing Herself In The Mirror!” – Funny Babies Mugglesam

  1. Awww

  2. From Bella’s point of view
    0:26 Who the heck is on the mirror!
    0:30 What are your looking at!
    0:31 Actually your quite cute!
    0:34 Ok, she is very cute she reminds me of me, if i kiss her will she like me?
    0:37 *MWAH!* Yupp, she is me I knew it all along!

  3. Soooo cuteeee

  4. hahahahahah :)

  5. thanks kayla!

  6. thanks catelin!

  7. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a kid make cuter faces than Bella when she was this age. She is just so naturally funny. Your kids crack me up all the time. Thanks so much for sharing.

  8. thanks so much Kristy!

  9. dude… clean the mirror…

  10. aww so cute

  11. thanka alliah!

  12. Ohh bella soo cute love her dress

  13. thanks McCall! I’m holding on to that baby dress 🙂

  14. that’s what i am when im drunk! talking randomly.hahah shes sooo cute! 🙂

  15. Same reaction every single timw I watch this, I go like *-* I want a baby like herrrr 3 ♥♥ If I could like this for 7172773 times

  16. The cutest faces ever!!!

  17. If people are gonna dislike videos the why watch!!!
    ANYWAYS to me this video is sooo cuteee

  18. Aww so cute x

  19. thanks 🙂

  20. thanks :)

  21. :-D

  22. hahaha :)

  23. LOL. I love that sly look she gives the camera after the first kiss. This remains one of my favorite MuggleSam videos 🙂


  25. thanks Annabel

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