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OUTLAST! – Scary/Funny Moments Montage! – (Scary Horror Game)

Outlast: Part #2! – A lot of you guys wanted me to check out Outlast after yesterday’s Amnesia video. So, here you go! These ra…

24 thoughts on “OUTLAST! – Scary/Funny Moments Montage! – (Scary Horror Game)

  1. Also, how is blood gross, we all have it. I know it’s gross when it’s
    allover the place but, you know, we all have blood. Just Saying.

  2. I’m 13 I played and completed this at 3 in the morning and sat through it,
    brad is like 18+ and he SHIT himself… badly

  3. What da hell is dat game!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Same….WHY the hel lam i watching THIS AT night

  5. Make a part 2!!

  6. It took a year for Part 2 xD

  7. 35,000 wheres part 2?

  8. As someone who has played through this game before, I COULD NOT WAIT for

  9. LOL ive watched this hole game and i came to see his ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  10. pussy

  11. podepie???? xD

  12. I love pewdiepie

  13. 18:52 I was just screaming my ass off, GET UNDER THE BED!!

  14. I was like “im going to sit my ass down and watch this” 10 minutes later ”
    this looks like a tall glass of NOPE”

  15. I got scared more by his yelling than the jumpscares…

  16. This did not scare me but made me laugh like crazy seeing how easily u
    mortals get scared 

  17. ahhhhhhhhhh dude scare the heck out of me at the end!

  18. “sounds like he is having a wonderful time…ARGGGGGGGGGGGGG”

  19. Play lucius its a good horror game not too scary either :-)

  20. play roblox
    its more fun than outast and stop swearing becose im 9 and i watch your
    so stop :(

  21. Why am I watching this at midnight?

  22. 4:40 **Talking about volume warning**
    **Lights turn off**
    *Lemon: AHHHH JESUS!!*

  23. hey um, was outlast made by the same people who made Mirror’s Edge? because
    there are a lot of same controls and a lot of the same things, like
    climbing ladders, same in mirrors edge, and jumping to climb and stuff

  24. Outlast: Part #2! –

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