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outrageously funny commercials

It’s a funny commercials

25 thoughts on “outrageously funny commercials

  1. lmao watch my vids there funny

  2. 1:42 best!

  3. Give it some heat!!!!!

  4. 3rd one was the best

  5. LMAO

  6. haha

  7. lol so funny

  8. i didnt get the last one but the others were funny

  9. Jeez i thought the dad off Malcom In The Middle was into cock for a solid 40 seconds lol!

  10. @swanton200 on the last one they take a pic of the guys dick so wen the women check the camera they will see that pic

  11. @MyJizzHasFizz soz load of crap, just wanted 2 see if it worked

  12. @ladyej100 They NEVER do, EVER!

  13. 1. pause at 0:00
    2. hold left arrow key
    3. press up arrow key
    4. enjoy playing SNAKE

    Thumbs up if it worked!

  14. thumbs up if u got here by typing in ”funny”

  15. 0:00

  16. i farmed dick last week… lol im retarded

  17. @TheSolidknuckle ok….WHY WAS THT BABY SUCKING ON MAN BOOBIES??

  18. Ah, Americans 🙂 Love ’em!

  19. 🙂 the americans… What else can be said 🙂

  20. Travel around the world with a Asian women


    Funny sleeping prank :p

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  23. skip commercials 1:58 🙂

  24. @MrFantasyXx its old, now shut up!!

  25. Enjoy — >

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