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penalty football soccer comedy funny fun

penalty football soccer comedy funny fun

25 thoughts on “penalty football soccer comedy funny fun

  1. how fucking retarded do these players have to be to not understand that if they step over before the kick is taken it won’t count

    referee is just applying the rules to these absolute dropkicks

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  3. what the hell..????

  4. stupid……

  5. did this guy film this with a potato

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  7. i love how he speaks XD

  8. loloollololololololololololololololololololoolololololololololololol

  9. alguem pode explicaar oq aconteceu??

  10. Are u serious?

  11. u wanna laugh this

  12. lol the goalkeeper is so dumb
    the guy whos taking a free kick keeps kicking the ball to the left but the goalkeeper keeps going to the right

  13. hèy_AnYönË_wÃÑnà_chât_with_mé_Í_fëel_sø_lõnElÿ_tOdÄy┐

  14. it’s fair to say this referee never worked again

  15. That was just 1:40 of anger -.-

  16. Lol 6 penalties

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  18. hakem rüsvet yemis türkiyede olsa döverler ha 😀

  19. @ynwccsd06 it’s hard judging which way the strikers going to kick, who knows, he may bluff and go another way, or even double bluff. Try playing in goal and saying that.

  20. wtf is going on here ???

  21. @nonwatcher players ran into the box before he kicked the ball

  22. Wtf lol that’s messed up keep your self back its a penalty shot I would get so mad if this happen to me

  23. the keeper must be tired

  24. it is sick

  25. The keeper is a dickhead

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