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Prank — Invisible Rope Prank

Funny Prank — Invisible Rope Prank The hilarious invisible rope prank! In this funny prank, we pull off the classic invisible rope across the road prank. Hilarious! Check out our website for more hilarious pranks!

25 thoughts on “Prank — Invisible Rope Prank

  1. @Mose1604 No you did not… Do not lie

  2. @Mose1604 No you did not… Do not lie

  3. @Entropian2012 Wait till the black person meets a white guy with a gun

  4. @Entropian2012 get that on video 0.0 i wanna see that

  5. i got arrested for doing this because its “disturbing the peace”

  6. Lmao…

  7. i did this when i was a little kid! except i had a real rope! tied to a coconut tree..and yes! im an islander.

  8. I wanted to do this, then I remembered I live in the ghetto part of Detroit -_-

  9. @Mose1604 thats what happens when you live in soviet russia :/

  10. @BalthazarUhsus Yeah… 🙂

  11. lol i’d floor it, and hope i dragged them along with me

  12. thats one for the books got to try it some day

  13. thats one for the books got to try it some day

  14. Hey i’ve tryed that

  15. this is an awesome trick the car slowed down so much

  16. You write great music for your videos 😀

  17. man can’t stop pissing myself laughing

  18. I’d politely step out of my car and thrash them within an inch of their lives.

  19. @Mose1604 the cops got called on me and my friend and then some somoan came out and chased me and my friend jj

  20. I did this ( FUNNY )

  21. omg!!! That is funny you should do more like this.

  22. @Mrpwnjuice Haha! that sucks! my friend diddent get arrested for this he got away -.- but i fall into some water! Y´That was relly cold!

  23. the biker was the best lol!!!

  24. thumbs up if you think it will be funny if they did it to a black guy

  25. 0:36 now that’s dedication

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