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Prank / Scare Compilation Hilarious – Funny Compilation of pranks, and scaring people very funny. Garbage can prank, fridge prank, pranks, wake up scare. visit and watch free movies online, free samples, free music, free downloads, free stuff, free software, free shirts, free hats, free condoms, search the…

25 thoughts on “Prank / Scare Compilation Hilarious – Funny

  1. @lamina11 dude, it was staged? Really? That dude got punched in the face, oh yeah it was staged

  2. if the granny di that in a real life situation she would of been dead XD

  3. 3:00 copied exactly from break’s post

  4. 1:24 that was kumar that scared harold, both sounded just like those

  5. 3:30 you almost scared me to death douglas… walks of with her hunch

  6. now she know she was not gone make it over the balcony she should have just excepted she was gone die

  7. 1:20 nice butcrack, we love it >.>

  8. 2:45 some1 needs to come up and scare this fatso >:0

  9. 1:48 that was a fast reaction LOL

  10. and kids thats way you never scare a old lady jk lol 2:52

  11. 0.36

  12. FRECKY CLOWN!!!!!!

  13. 00:2 he gets a rooaar

  14. keep clicking 1:40

  15. 4:10 it would be funny if the dog started to hump her face

  16. Dont ever scare a black guy xD

  17. 157 old lady gets pissed off and airbags lol and 2:56 lol last one was gay tried to copy the unborn

  18. omfg 1:44
    Jokes on the prankster, he got his ass kicked! LMFAO That guy had a fucking awesome reflex! Hats off to him!!!

  19. “You are never gonna let me see my next birthday!”
    Hahaha, poor mother xD
    It’s kinda mean, actually. the poor lady almost jumps from the balcony!

  20. 1:26 funny

  21. wtf 3:00

  22. She looks just like the evil little man from shrek forever after!! XD

  23. Lol ur aunt was about to jump off! Loll she also reminds me of the witch from wizard of oz

  24. 4:10 , zuviel Exorzist gegugt oder was??? xD

  25. 3:54 too perfect

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