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Real Funny Scary Video

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25 thoughts on “Real Funny Scary Video

  1. The cat stole the show. 🙂

    This made me laugh, as I could see the real TV shows doing this.

  2. …..Absolutely….FUNNY!

  3. 34 for people dsliked this video because they were scared when saw this video!

  4. Stupid

  5. LOL Gotta love ppl with imaginations! And I love the red circles =D

  6. dumbest, video, EVER

  7. stupid video but was funny jajajajaja 😀

  8. Damn that just made my night lol hahahahha

  9. q porqueriaaaaa d video

  10. @ 2:45 my favorite seen hahaha!!

  11. @elephantboy24 duh!!

  12. eshtuyot satum

  13. Fuck you, dumb-ass.

  14. I actually found this kind of funny.
    “There he is.” lmao! 😀

  15. Lol poltergeist activity

  16. there he is lol

  17. pag sure uie! amaw man siguro ka! walay klaro.. ikaw ra man nag atik atik!

  18. LOL!When I first clicked on this video I thought that I was about to see something really scary!Later I said….WHAT THE F**K?!xD

  19. Course coz at no point were you bhind the camera turning it or maybe lifting the paper with your hand and not showing it!!! Or maybe you used some fishing string?? xxx Lol soooooooo fake!!!!!! =D

  20. “where did he go?”… ” here he is” hahahaha lol i love that part!!!

  21. “where did he go?”… ” there he is” hahahaha lol i love that part!!!

  22. yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

  23. Aye madarchod aisa chutiya jaise videos agar tune upload kiya iske baad toh bhenchod maa kasam bol raha teri gand mein marunga bhavdaland bhikarchod gandu.

  24. HAHAHAHAHHA man ur awesome thats how some fucking fakers put it so its like a real ghost when the doors open or something like that… u proved its funny and not real XD

  25. lol i love this guy man he’s like where’d he go? THERE HE IS!

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