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Ron White Just For Laughs

Ron White with some of his latest material at the Just For Laughs festival….

25 thoughts on “Ron White Just For Laughs

  1. Just say it Ron, a BIG FAT FUCK!

  2. @Tristan1798 OOOH I thought he said “Sack-o’-bitch can fly” psycho makes more sense though

  3. Hell yeah there are dangers. In a weightless environment, the psycho bitches can fly.

  4. heh Larry the cable idiot


  6. he kinda looks like elton john right there

  7. @Tristan1798 best joke in the whole skit. I’m thankful that on youtube, this comment was the highest voted. good job.

  8. Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

  9. LOL Larry the Cable Idiot.

  10. this dude is fucking AWEsOME!!

  11. @TheseShenanigans in a bean bag chair. 🙂

  12. this is like having no humor? Only white comic that makes me laugh is Carlin, besides that Griffin, Chappelle, Rock, Cedric, Rodriguez, Murphy and Pryor are all I enjoy!

  13. So to him its funny as hell that the name of the fabric protector he uses on his coach is scotch guard and he drinks scotch. Damn I feel like comedy took a million steps in the wrong direction with this crap!

  14. @edwinsandovala its observational humor, and when ur drunk, everything is funny

  15. why would anyone watch this if they don’t like Ron White? Also, why comment? go watch something else and rag on that.

  16. while in your beanbag chair

  17. You got Vodkaguard?

  18. You got sperm guard? It’s a busy Couch!

  19. @ISlapHard Damn right!

  20. whitetiteandrite

  21. @insaneipods1 No, while your in a bean bag vacuum chair thats had all the air removed. Then you won’t be able to move a bit–look up “bean bag vacuum chair” on youtube, you’ll see what I mean.

  22. Love, Love ,Love Ron White

  23. Ron Paul 2012!!

  24. Hey if you like country comedy – check out the pride of Canadian Country Music Comedy – Lefty Nelson

  25. it sucks to be a fan of this guy because he’s repetitive. he’s funny but when you do some research on his jokes you won’t find much.

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