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Rudy Gay Funny Commercial

rudy gay does a commercial video for his all star game My Facebook page Click to Download My Mixtape…

25 thoughts on “Rudy Gay Funny Commercial

  1. hahaahahaha missed a dunk once yah right not now

  2. he did not make the all star team

  3. that commercial was actually gay

  4. That was a bit Gay… ololol

  5. 22 dislikes… that’s his number… that’s where the dislikes will stay at…

  6. lol more players should do this.

  7. wtf

  8. 0:29 Mike Woodson makes a cameo appearance 

  9. i tried to tell my brother that people don’t make fun of rudy’s last name, because its gay

  10. he.once got traded without asking to be

  11. i wanted his jersey but when i thought bout it, it said Gay on the back

  12. Raaaaaaandom Bonjour

  13. top 3 most underrated


  15. This commercial is so gay.

  16. he funny. After his career, he could do comedy.

  17. When Rudy shoots a three, he scores four points. lol

  18. he’s always so jolly and gay, I love it

  19. Rudy is Gay

  20. excusez-moi ?!

  21. Greivis Vasquez is awesome

  22. @Rudy Gay Bring Raptors to Playoffs next season. ;))

  23. keep voting my friends

  24. 0:30 I’m super gay

  25. lol, triple double in his sleep.

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