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Scare Pranks – Top Ten

We got a lot of great scare pranks from our fans since last Halloween. 10 Spider Gag Causes Spill 00:06 9 Mom’s Pantry Surprise 00:29 8 Closet Airhorn VS Angry Southpaw 01:12 7 Hot Girl Spider…

25 thoughts on “Scare Pranks – Top Ten

  1. The Caucasian top 10 scariest moments?

  2. Remember when Break was youtubes biggest rivalry?

  3. Vanallipe von schez wreck it b**ch

  4. And they say white boys can’t jump

  5. I my house, most of these “pranks” would get you shot.

  6. Check out this video on YouTube:home scary video by kids

  7. The first girl is hot xD 

  8. Please watch the language there are children present

  9. The last one was funnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnny

  10. 2:00 He jumps so gracefully 

  11. There’s a first. A woman playing a prank that didn’t involve inflicting
    pain on a man.

  12. Man, the chick in the first prank has the nicest tits I’ve ever seen. I’d
    tap that.

  13. Wow. Dude at 1:12…cut down on the energy drinks. 

  14. @7:25 Wow, great mom is willing to sacrifice her husband and son. 


  16. I have a dig bick
    You that read wrong
    You read that wrong too
    You read that again to make sure I’m not fucking with you

  17. 4:08 ITS A BIRD!

  18. Well know everyone just came here for that hot bitch in the first prank.

  19. I have also came for the first girl, like most men here.

  20. How can there be 45 million views then there is only 7 million people on

  21. anyone who names their kid Julius deserves a prank

  22. Behold the power of the boob thumbnail: 45 million views

  23. The first girl should have used her bush to dry her phone off

  24. am i the only one who thinks none of these are funny?

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