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Scary & Funny Moments EP #2 – Amnesia: Zombie Escape [Amnesia Funtage]

———— READ THIS SHIZZLE! =D ———— So guys, as I told you, I made a “Scary and Funny Moments” of the Custom Story called Zombie Escape. This took me about 1 day to finish. I searched every episode for some scary and funny shizzle, and this is the result. Hope you like it, and if you’re wondering .. YES! This is going to be a series. I’ll be making one “Scary/Funny Moments” on each end of a custom story, so be ready! (I have like 31 more custom stories to play, so.. haha xD) And please subscribe so you can keep up when I upload my videos, because I have almost 200 subscribers, but my average views are like around 50 or 60.. I love those 50 or 60, because they view my videos, but I’ll be just disappointed, because barely no one comments, and I’m always expecting comments because I would reply to them. Anyways, hope you like this episode, and please, if you liked it, tell me in the comments! =) Cya, bitches :d

24 thoughts on “Scary & Funny Moments EP #2 – Amnesia: Zombie Escape [Amnesia Funtage]

  1. 1:37 is my favorit moment

  2. 6:02 scared the shit out of me

  3. I just noticed but 6:07… Scream, shiver aaaaaaaaand mount LOLOLOLOL

  4. I`m watching at your videos every day. You `re very funny. The game Amnesia is genius, the graphic and the sound, all of it. Genius, that will scare the shit out of you. But I have a question:how many time have you jizzed? xD :))))

  5. I SCREAM TO, AT 1:50

  6. Name of the outro song?

  7. Nice xD

  8. this is soooo like pewdie… waaay too like pewdie… think of something new dude :/

  9. your funny though!

  10. TE TERU LE TETERE! 😀 hahahahaha ! i like your singing :3

  11. now you know

  12. 0:03 lol

  13. 6:05 Hey dont blame the guy mabye he thought you just wanted some ass?

  14. outro song? 😀 Great vids ! subbed

  15. 6:02 Holy fuck penis Dell! Shit spilled my soda 🙁


  17. Dude me and my bro just cracked up to this vid. You are a hero :’)
    Don’t stop making ’em!

  18. wat story was 9:20????

  19. intro song pzl,

  20. subbed that shit was to funny good vids bro

  21. Whats the song at the end ?

  22. @Ohnnyjay187
    Feed me- pink lady

  23. Wats the intro song?

  24. omg best commentary so far

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