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Sexy Foot Play Prank

Website: | Subscribe! An easy sexy lady shows her interest to men by sensually rubbing her feet on them, un…

24 thoughts on “Sexy Foot Play Prank

  1. at 1:20 wtf

  2. 1:31 that smile <3

  3. what hat?

  4. foot girl is hot

  5. what is the background music called, i bet its french cause this show is french

  6. how did they make her feet “invisible”?

  7. Beautty and sensual feet of the girl.

  8. I will lick her feet if I was one of them

  9. I sure hope those guys don’t have jealous wives/girlfriends

  10. It airs in Canada. I’ve watched it up in Calgary a few times.

  11. what would’ve been funnier, a guy under the desk :)

  12. Hell na that wouldn’t have been funny at all, would’ve been nasty! Would you wanna find out a guy was rubbing you leg if that prank was on you?

  13. uujop
    jhpohohogcx:-) :-) ,.

  14. holy shit. MINDFUCK

  15. I don’t agree, but it’s your opinion.

  16. i would love to lick and smell the feet of both hot women actuallY!


  18. 1:20 haha this face

  19. am i the only one that finds that in all these videos a black guy always has the funniest reaction?

  20. Disappointed niggas :)

  21. I wouldn’t mind. lol

  22. That girl beneath the table is soooo awesomee 😀

  23. They’re not laughing at us because we’re ugly, they’re laughing at us for laughing like idiots.

  24. 1:26 :)

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