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Shoot the Robbers – Just For Laughs Gags | Subscribe! Robbers are being arrested in front of a people on the street. The police officer needs suppor…

25 thoughts on “Shoot the Robbers – Just For Laughs Gags

  1. nazi police

  2. @Jesse1Zionist i dont know , do u drive 1980s car ? look its not only the
    car even the ppl looks 80s

  3. He would killed him! 1:10!!!!!!

  4. i wouldnt doubt those old dudes would shoot them. they probably went to
    WWII xD

  5. According to the license plates this clip was filmed in Belgium.

  6. Europe of early nineties!

  7. sweet home alabama 😀

  8. @lawlawlawl222 you would pull the trigger in your dreams idiot. you would
    piss yoru pants before pulling the trigger

  9. they should make the robbers run away and a random cops shows up to arrest
    the person who is holding the gun

  10. In US they would shoot 🙁

  11. @Sp3arNo1 the clothing in the 80s are different than in the 90s

  12. Lol! The old man on 0:59 wants to beat them up with his cane!

  13. looks like the 80’s

  14. shoot down these gypsies.

  15. it looks like the 80s or90s

  16. @BrowNsudan so we cant drive cars from the 80s no more in the late 90s or
    early 2000s?

  17. looks like this was filmed in the late 80s :p

  18. @Roma9532 An awesome one.

  19. they are all pussies

  20. Dude, you would pay for their medical bills if you shoot their legs.

  21. Unethical

  22. @TheyCallMeJSmaz its a prank, they dont give them a real gun

  23. I think he wanted the other guy to shoot 🙂

  24. ROFL

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