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Shoot Your Friends: Color Grading Masterclass

Shoot Your Friends is back with another episode! This time we let you in on the secret of color grading. Your friends will ask, “Why do your movies look so great? Did you get a new camera?” And you will laugh at them for not knowing the secret! Do not laugh too hard though, or you will hurt their feelings. Instead, show them this handy video. Many of you have asked us for tutorials, so we have created a webseries to do just that! Every few weeks we will explore an important facet of movie production, whether it’s a VFX tutorial, or a lesson on tricks to do with your camera. Next up, I think we will talk about bullet hits. We just need to find a bunch of machine guns first. music: incompetech

24 thoughts on “Shoot Your Friends: Color Grading Masterclass

  1. @xRockoko Set Picture Control to Neutral

  2. Color-Grading Software for Windows?

  3. can i just drag in black and white in sony vegas and mess with the sliders?

  4. you know your internets shit when you have to buffer the ad -_-

  5. What kind of Computer(s) do you use?

  6. @KillcamEp macs. if you look at their editing tutorials, it’s almost always (if not always) on a mac.

  7. @TheErdnussMarmelade magic bullet looks maybe.

  8. @TheErdnussMarmelade Vegas Movie Studio is pretty good. That’s what I use.

  9. @sseaverhelmss …The money.

  10. nice to see you guys working with nigahiga and wongfu

  11. you guys explained something that took me 3 weeks to understand in 3 minutes. Amazing vid!!

  12. no ryan higa, you suck!

  13. @sseaverhelmss To provide the tips to those who need or want them


  15. @pussytastegood1 oh you’re cool. gtfo dick.

  16. hey sam and niko, I’m new to color grading and added my video that i recently made as a video response (i used a t2i), please let me know how i did as I’m not 100% sure if i did it right or not. thanks! (thumbs up so they can see this)

  17. i just began making action secenes , check out my channel, subscribe and tell me if you like my work if you would like to see more of me, if not i dont bother making any more vids , plz take a look

  18. Good video!!! Check out my color grades titled my day. Thank You all

  19. The any camera i have is my Samsung stratosphere any tips

  20. How would you work with videos that have a lot of shots with and without FX?
    Would you color grade each shot, then add in the effects, then put it all together?
    Add the effects, color grade then put it all together?
    Or put it all together, add the effects, color grade, then render it out again?

  21. How does one obtain apple color 1.5? It appears to have been merged with Final Cut Pro X, and I can’t find a download link to the standalone version that doesn’t link to the FCPx site, where there isn’t a DL link. Any suggestions on where to get it? Or are the color grading tools in AE/PP good enough?

  22. yaaay you can use classical music, cuz IT HAS NO COPYRIGHTS :)!!!!!!!!! yaaay(i hate these firetrucking copyrights):)

  23. They blocked my video cuz it had Mozart 🙁

  24. actually copyrights are gone after 50 years from the creators death so…mozart died in 17 th century, classical music is free for everyone 🙂

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