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Sloppy Senior Makeout Prank

These lovebirds are old, but that doesn’t mean they’ve lost their youthful spirit. Instead of getting a regular picture taken, this couple gets plain old dow…

25 thoughts on “Sloppy Senior Makeout Prank

  1. You go, Grandpa!

  2. LOL
    i just find these two so funny! hahahaha

  3. 0:49 Murr? xD

  4. hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  5. So that’s what my generation will look like when they get old

  6. Ahahahahahah

  7. *inappropiate

  8. why is the intro screwed up? Everything else is OK (sound). One other
    thing… already kinda did this prank.

  9. LOL this heteros “LOL” … ne ne ne in public “smil”

  10. vapid

  11. Grandma grinding against grandpa after their sloppy joe kiss in public is
    surely a spectacle. 

  12. Those old people are awesome!

  13. Grandma and grandad getting a bit….. Too far…;)

  14. hahahaha

  15. Lol, Rebecca Black

  16. Well if ? Lowe still blooms in every age ! 8 – )

  17. Sex after 70.

  18. That old man is so hot. Wanna make out with him.

  19. Fascinating how every guy is like “Hell yeah grandpa, you get that shit old
    timer.”, and every woman is like “wtf”.

  20. 1:13 the blonde girl appears to have substantial facial hair 5 o’clock
    shadow. Kind of disturbing. It can also be seen in other shots with other
    lighting angles, so it’s definitely on her face, not an issue with the
    video. What’s the deal with that? Is that a French / Quebec / Canadian
    thing that some women have? She really needs to get some laser treatment
    or wax or something. I’ve never seen such thick facial hair growth on a

  21. LoL

  22. This was hilarious! I love Just For Laughs :)

  23. Hi Gagster,

    let the editor know that my right ear feels very
    lonely during the intros lately
    s’il t plait *XD*

  24. The people that thumbed down have no sex life going on and are jealous. 

  25. NEW PRANK! Let’s just hope this SMOKIN’ HOT couple’s sexy pics don’t get


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