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Spidey the Hypnotist at Montreal Just for Laughs 2011

This is one of Spidey’s four outrageous hypnosis shows at the montreal Just For Laughs festival of 2011 filmed by : WhySimplyBecause edited by: Will Keating …

23 thoughts on “Spidey the Hypnotist at Montreal Just for Laughs 2011

  1. Hey spidey, just wondering, is it possible to get hypnotized from watching
    this video and following all directions? Would that be safe?

  2. oh shit I am in that video!!! 🙂

  3. This is real but as they start to fall down/ sleep you could see them smile
    but otherwise it’s all real……

  4. @mosszaphod we did 🙂 check out our other work.

  5. Watch this in HD for the best quality video! 🙂

  6. @SpideyHypnosis So you can… 😉

  7. Who did you video taping / editing? It is really nice the effects and look.

  8. only weak minded people can be hypnotised ok going back to sleep now

  9. I wonder how long this ‘ability to put them back in’ last. How much time
    could you leave between the initial hypnosis and the ‘re-hypnosis’?

  10. @mosszaphod We are the ones who put it together for spidey!

  11. thanks 🙂 glad you liked it

  12. what does it mean if i followed the directions for the induction but it
    didnt work on me but worked on 30 other of my friends. Today at school we
    had a show like this but it didnt work on me? Does it mean anything. He
    just did the stare at a dot on the rood which had light coming from it but
    nothing really happened to me?

  13. Madness. You are talented bro. -Sur.

  14. @TheFearsome3Some it does not mean any one specific thing, it just means
    that you are not or WERE not (at that moment) susceptible to hypnosis.
    Everyone CAN go into trance but for some it takes longer…that’s all

  15. Really cool trailer! Why were they scratching themselves like that lol?

  16. Crazy! Don’t ever do this to me Spidey! Or I won’t ever go diner with you!

  17. you know why i would think its fake…because all of the participants are
    able to be hypnotized. how come one or two couldn’t be. i know you have to
    want to be or something-and I’m sure that some are hyp-proof

  18. @scifiaudious2 theres ALWAYS people who dont go under on stage and we send
    them back. At this show we did it differently, all these people were tested
    and hypnotized before we got on stage, on stage i just put them BACK in.
    there was 3 other hypnotists off stage hypnotizing and sending them up on
    stage. We needed a quick demo and didnt have time to do full inductions on
    stage so we used people who had already been hypnotized before.

  19. Wow, u r really good!!!!

  20. @magicmike1122 hey man, the full induction was not recorded for this video
    or any other show, so you dont need to worry about that, we are very
    careful with that kind of thing. Thanks for watching 🙂

  21. You sold me when I heard Boards of Canada.

  22. @scifiaudious2 PS: if you know what you are doing, rapid hypnosis will work
    100% of the time. but seriously do you think i have the budget to pay 10-20
    actors everytime i do a show? how bout when i perform in the bahams, or
    mexico? do i pay actors to fly out with me? cmon man, think about ur

  23. once someone has been hypnotized its VERY easy for them to go back in. So
    What you see in the beginning where i have them focus on something then
    snap them into hypnosis can be done at anytime with these individuals. 🙂

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