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Stair Wars — Cat Clips #52

Stair Wars — Cat Clips #52 Tuck makes a secret deal with the male cat. (The original version of this video was posted on April 2, 2009 and received 1664 views.) Download your FREE Cat Clips Board Game at Missed any “Cat Clips” episodes? Check out the Playlist…

25 thoughts on “Stair Wars — Cat Clips #52

  1. arnt ya gonna help me bring darth vader do the good side?
    omg i died laughing
    i love ur vids.

  2. it looks like cats everywhere the same, gorgeus

  3. grrrrrrrrr , thank u!!!!! ROFL!!!!!

  4. MistaXtreme12—Thanks for watching. Glad you enjoyed it.

  5. “And he´s intelligent, too!”
    “Hey! Where´d you gone?”


  6. hey look tipi i caught me tail,not now tuck, where did m Bond with the black dude ROFL


  8. @zach8087 — Thanks for watching!

  9. “Pertenshous little dalmation wanabe”
    I laughed so hard on that part!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. @klltx2001 — glad you got a laugh out of it. Thanks for watching!

  11. Tuck is sooo cute. i want one. :]

  12. @BamsBiggerestFan — Yes, Tuck is a great cat. He is a Bengal. Thanks for watching!

  13. @Katiebugz283 That was my fave part 2 I laughed so hard at that whaty would’ve been even funnier was if Trey said “you know what tuck?”
    Tuck: yes?…
    Trey: “I AM YOUR FATHER”

  14. XD ‘black dude’ I LOVE THESE CLIPS THEY ROCK!!!!! UR THE BEST also

    “come back tipi arnt u goin to help me bring darth vader to the good side”

  15. @lightning423 — Thanks. Glad you are enjoying them.

  16. @WolfLuvar15 ur right that WOULD be even funnier

  17. i love itt!! <3

  18. @arufat09 — Thanks for watching!

  19. “Someone get that cat a Breathe-Right strip ASAP!” LoLoL

  20. @JoAnneMB1 — Glad you enjoyed it. Thanks.

  21. @ScoobyHubby ur welcomee!!

  22. i think i just found out what the word wit in wizards of wit stands for
    when trye train tuck they r called Wizards In Training

  23. @hotycat1 — Very clever deduction.

  24. I can’t get those Breathe Right strips to work. I mean I can’t get them to stay on my face-no matter HOW much I wash my face, they don’t stay on.

  25. i honestly miss the little 3 minutes of comedy of classic episode and Honey forever!!!!!

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