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Striptease Prank with Just For Laughs Gags!

This week we got to team up with the great Just For Laughs Gags Team for their first ever collaboration! Please go subscribe to their Epic channel http://www…

25 thoughts on “Striptease Prank with Just For Laughs Gags!

  1. First time i ever heard Just For Laugh Gags voices epic hahahahah.

  2. 1:53 halarious! The baby in the right corner was staring at them

  3. Quebec right? They have bad French accents.

  4. @1:53 that kid was like …dayuuum lol 


  6. the men were loving it

  7. Is this in Amsterdam?

  8. awhhh poor lady got escort out of the more cause she helped them take
    pictures :(

  9. Was this in Montreal?

  10. Its french for those who doesnt know 🙂 

  11. Lol pause at 1:52 and look for the baby!!

  12. Very funny stuff

  13. First time hearing their voices :D

  14. lol at first the old man was like LETS GET SOME OF THAT ACTION!

    Then the baby was like I wanna be like them when I’m older


  15. At 1:50 look at the kid in the right hand side of the screen

  16. There’s a little kid in one of them

  17. 1:51 poor baby…

  18. Baby checking those girls out! 1:51

  19. compared to the other girls?

  20. I love JFL!

  21. Hahahaha it’s so weird hearing JFL voices!

  22. 1:50 He’s hiding his boner lol

  23. HUH , why don’t they have really flimsy thin ah hah ah black ah lacy see
    thru ah ah — like bras and knickers an— ?????

  24. nobody wants to see grandpa’s saggy balls. lol 

  25. Marie Pierre Bouchard is one sexy blonde

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