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That’s College – Funny Song

That’s College – Funny Song As my college journey comes to an end, I decided to write a song about the moments that have changed the lives of many students. Facebook me! ***Lyrics*** Four years have come and gone, so fast creating memories that will always last Throwing up the first time that you lost in beer pong Sleeping with your best friends girl even though it was wrong The way you felt during your pregnancy scare You didn’t have a condom so you wrapped it in your underwear Midnight runs to Taco-Bell, and the Freshman 15 Sororities and pillow-fights, only in my dreams College is many things, but classes were not my thing I’d rather stay in bed and get addicted to facebook And college means girls and boys, and girls play with “grown-up toys” And boys sleep with girls, it doesn’t matter how your face looks….that’s college I learned the best way to make them orgasm Ok…I learned the face they make when they don’t have them I learned if you hold a girl when she does a keg stand If you drop her on her head she’ll never talk to you again Spring Break in Mexico was so much fun When we went streaking they arrested everyone A day will come when I will have to graduate But I’ll move off campus, because I’m here to stay I loved the cheerleading squad, in bikinis out on the quad The only reason that I ever played with frisbees I stared at the teachers chest, so I had to cheat on the test But I still failed because every answer wasn’t “Double-D” …that’s

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