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The Baby Prank – JUST FOR LAUGHS gag :)

The Baby Prank – JUST FOR LAUGHS gag 🙂

25 thoughts on “The Baby Prank – JUST FOR LAUGHS gag :)

  1. omg cool ugly baby

  2. Israel made prank hehe 🙂

  3. Rotflmao!!!!!

  4. 1:30 that girl looks so innocent.. 🙁

  5. Boring…

  6. u are so borng

  7. too funny

  8. lol this is so damn funny~

  9. how did he get into the carriage lol

  10. LMAO he just sneezed and they ran away !!!!

  11. it is really too scary!

  12. lawak macam celaka!

  13. I noticed a trend from watching reactions on Just For Laughs: Girls tend to clap a hand to their guts, heart, or mouth with a small shriek or yelp, guys tend to flail backward or away with a sound or ‘whoa!’ or ‘geez!’, and younger kids just jump back a step, startled, then look around a little as if wondering if anyone else just saw that.

  14. two words…..SOCIAL CONDITIONING 😉

  15. LMAO

  16. lol but it would have scared the living dead out of me 😛

  17. sneezed


  18. Not only did I half choke, I’m also crying XD.

    I LOVE IT!

  19. ugly baby

  20. @ Balmung6: or some of them just scream at run away =) like 1:44

  21. this is by far the funniest!!

  22. mother of good

  23. man it hurting me…
    arg my voice!!! damn too funny… hahahahaa

  24. megasize faced baby

  25. @boothbacha i think they are from cannadian not from england

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