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The Ben Show: Football Coach – Uncensored

An emotional football coach gives an inspiring speech to motivate his team during the big game.

25 thoughts on “The Ben Show: Football Coach – Uncensored

  1. Wow. How did these actors agree to this?

  2. Ah it’s like being back in the locker room

  3. Coach hines faker. 

  4. All people claiming this was racist, in the end he says he loves them all!
    Watch the end video before making an assumption. 

  5. White guy got off easy.

  6. Crazy how all were race related except the white guy….smh.

  7. Why were all of these re-released

  8. Best show; travesty it wasn’t renewed.

  9. Whats really funny is how you all seem to find the worst out of this COMEDY
    SCETCH…fuckin dummies

  10. When filming this sketch he knew it was going to be controversial. It was
    shot for that reason. We can clearly see it was racist… but I could tell
    by the sketch that it isn’t how he truly feels it was done for the intent
    of being funny. Wether or not you agree. I’m black btw. Not that my race
    should matter 

  11. Everyone is so fucking soft. Stop taking every
    aspect of yourself so serious.

  12. This is the speech that mike pettite gave to his team against the steelers


  14. Funniest thing ever

  15. I showed this to my catch and he was dying 

  16. This is so stupid 

  17. lol

  18. the weak kicking of the locker is synonymous with the weak humor….making
    fun of racist ignorance is great….but this? it’s just not funny to
    intelligent people

  19. This is so racist but so funny

  20. I’ve never laughed so hard

  21. Belicheck should do this with the Pats….lol

  22. this is racist as hell

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