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25 thoughts on “THE BEST DRUNK PRANK!!

  1. yeah what if he woke up, fell off and inhaled a bunch of water and drowned. not funny

  2. Novalux……you’re a fucking retard….

  3. He just.

  4. Those are what we call a real friends.. bestfriends

  5. Parent trap

  6. That’s stupid? What if he had fallen in the water?

  7. go watch my drunk friend thrown in pool

  8. best of frend hahaha

  9. 240p…we meet again.

  10. Only white friends would do this to you. I’d file charges for attempting murder.

  11. White ppl pranks are different from black ppl prank… i had to tell my college roommates what type of pranks I’ll fuck them up for, and this is one of them

  12. haha that was funny, but plz don’t do that to me because i dont know how to swim.

  13. American guys stupid girls,!!!!

  14. some pranks are funny, that was fuckin stupid !

  15. I need friends like this

  16. ok mom

  17. You gotta admit it was pretty damn funny though.

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  19. lululul yur boat

  20. but for real though. it’s all funny and everything. all fun and games and i’m all for that. but i agree, if that dude would’ve died, the friends could never live with themselves.

  21. Fake!

  22. funny but fake :)

  23. damn you never get any really good videos on here. you only really need one site its where real girls go to get naughty go here bit.lyXT3XSw

  24. check out my prank video on my brother 🙂

  25. That guys is hangover

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