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The Daily Mail Song

mp3 here: Hello everyone. Me & Dan have written a song about The Daily Mail (a British newspaper). We’re aware this video won’t mean an awful lot if you’ve never heard of The Daily Mail, but on the plus side, you’ve never heard of The Daily Mail.

25 thoughts on “The Daily Mail Song

  1. @PGoodlad No, they don’t own all output, they simply own the TV licensing company and the law of the country is that you can’t watch any live TV without a license. I don’t know why you’re so convinced people inclined to the left are fans of the BBC. Also, the BBC is hardly left wing propaganda, Jeremy Clarkson is on the BBC ffs. It’s not as right wing as most tabloids, but there’s nothing left about it. I don’t see the point in attacking this video because you have an issue with the BBC.

  2. @PGoodlad Again, that doesn’t really make sense. It’s predictable to cite Clarkson because he’s so obviously right wing. Citing Radio 4 is equally predictable. That’s two examples of things broadcast by the BBC with two very different political leanings. That rather disproves your theory it’s leftist propaganda. I didn’t say it wasn’t biased, all media outlets are, I said there’s nothing left about it. Still not sure why this song has offended you. It says nothing other than that the DM is crap.

  3. Daily mail bunch of wankers!

  4. @PGoodlad All comedy picks on something though, not all of it is going to be your particular pet hate, you could not watch it. I despise all tabloids, all right wing media and that includes the BBC, who have allowed the current Tory Government to bully them. They’re MORE left than the DM, but that’s a pretty wide field. I think TV license is bullshit and the most Tory person I know, works for Ofcom. People won’t fit into those tidy little boxes. You’re not obliged to have a TV license, at all.

  5. @PGoodlad No they’re not. The BBC regularly run documentaries about benefit fraud, I haven’t seen one about corporate tax avoidance yet. Your idea of what counts as left wing is feeble middle ground neutrality at best. It’s still a media toy of our right wing Government.

  6. You couldn’t have put my views into a song any better. I salute you Dan and Dan. You two are amazing.

  7. Youre awesome.

  8. @PGoodlad In what way, do I? You need a TV license to watch or record live TV, so your example of only watching online, you don’t need a license as long as you watch it after the time of the original broadcast. I did answer your point, it’s not the case, most tory person I know works for the company that enforce TV Licensing. Why would any love paying to watch TV? XD I’m about as left it’s possible to be, but no fan of the BBC, or TV licensing. Still think this video is perfectly valid.

  9. The Britain the Mail wants to see.. God Save the Queen to be played in Cinemas and a £20,000 fine or Prison sentence for anybody not singing it, children forced to learn the name of every Royal Family Member and Cabinet Minister off by heart, people fined if not curtsying to a Royal Family Member or bowing, the Welfare State abolished, the minimum wage abolished, abortion banned, homosexuality banned, flogging, birching and gibbeting reintroduced, the minimum wage abolished.

  10. @PGoodlad So many layers of metaphor here that it crumbles under their weight of them all. There’s maybe a bit of a point in there – one that I disagree with – but it’s lost under, well, idiocy.

  11. @miceinfreefall Care to give us an example of the metaphor and / or idiocy displayed? You sound clever but are not really making sense, unlike the argument that the mail is take it or leave it while the BBC isn’t.

  12. @MrSzivesen You mean aside from the fact he ‘pretends’ can’t work out whether he thinks Little Britain is a sketch show, real or just the actions of people like his mother? Really, if you can’t figure that out just stop wasting my time demanding explanations for quite simple concepts. 

  13. @miceinfreefall Gosh, you’re angry! As for the “pretending” thing, you’ll see that he wrote on a previous post “Does it really matter whether it’s news, documentary or comedy? If you think less intelligent people than you can’t see through bias in tabloid journalism, why should they see through bias in comedy?”
    Did you pretend not to read that? Also, can you give us an example of the metaphor and / or idiocy displayed? Thanks

  14. GOOGLE ‘Andrew Lansley Bankrolled by Private Health Care’
    Soon you will be paying for private healthcare in the UK.
    UNLESS you fight it….
    Sign the DROP THE HEALTH BILL petition on the government Epetition website.

  15. @QueenDeaconite In what way? Well you put ” I despise all tabloids, all right wing media and that includes the BBC”. So you do believe in putting people in little boxes, that’s what I meant.

  16. this should be in the charts we got shown it in school 😉

  17. @PAGoodlad No, that won’t stand. Tabloids, right wing media and the BBC, are not people.

  18. lol i am ur girl

  19. neurobonkers daily mail headline scrambler’s also a hoot.

  20. Are the papers shown in this real or did you make up the covers as a satire?

  21. The references to pop stars and sports stars are slightly superfluous – they could just say “Teen boys take drugs, teen boys wear hoods, teen boys have sex”. Come to that, there are probably some teen boys who shit in woods too.

  22. @FlowerChild65 they’re all real.

  23. Is this twins or is it the same guy twice? If they ARE twins, they’re the most identical twins I’ve ever seen.

  24. the Daily Mail allows racist comments on their website and get away with it

  25. 196 sad grey people read the Daily Mail

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