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The Dark Knight- Joker Interrogation Scene Spoof

Alternate take of Batman and the Joker’s first conversation in The Dark Knight. Follow me on Twitter: Become a fan on Facebook: HEY MONKEY AND APPLE FANS! PLEASE FOLLOW THIS LINK. Buy “The Dark Knight-Joker Interrogation Scene Spoof” Shirts and Other Merchandise HERE! And here Are You Speaking Bat (Dark Shirt): Mens: Womens: Are You Speaking Bat (White Shirt) Mens: Womens: Pure Fists Shirt: Mens: Womens: *Okay this question’s getting asked a lot so just to be clear: I play the Joker, and I play Batman. Same guy. I did everything except punch myself in the face, which came compliments of my friend Robert (I think you can see how much he enjoyed it). Thank you all for watching. Outtakes: Party Scene Spoof:

25 thoughts on “The Dark Knight- Joker Interrogation Scene Spoof

  1. @cianmcevoy2010 “where’s harvey dent :P”

  2. Haha Joker needs To trade his cards for some Translators cause i can clearly hear what batman said!!

  3. i cant stop laughing im fuckin crying lol

  4. Joker: There’s nothing in the English language that sounds anything like that.
    Batman: Where is he?! (But imagine a dog trying to say it)
    Joker: Are you speaking bat? Is that how bat sounds like?
    Batman: Punch in the face! Like a boss! >:D
    Joker: Oh God..

  5. Waruyouwannakillme

  6. 2:30 is so funny

  7. you really deserve 16 and a half million clicks!!!! Why so serious!!!! wouhhahahaha 😀 😉

  8. OOOkay…not, not gonna help! 😀

  9. 1:44 “Are you speaking bat?”
    lmao =))

  10. FUCKING HILARIOUS xD “do u see wat it sounds like ” xD


  12. I can watch it all the time. It’s pure genius! 😀

  13. I really would like to see a complete script of this. ‘I’m not picking words’ as well.

  14. Are you speaking bat…… is tht what bat sounds like *PUNCH*

  15. he sound like jesse einsenberg

  16. thumbs up if you got here by searching “spoof”

  17. thumbs up if you got here by searching “spoof

  18. the joker sounds like ben stiller.:)

  19. still funny 3 years later.

  20. 2:31 lollllllllllllllll

  21. 1:36 I DUN HAVE THRO4T C4NS3R

  22. LOL!!!!!

  23. keep on pressing ‘8’ on the keyboard so funny

  24. Lmao! Hilarious, and you both look brilliant!

  25. ROFL ” enounciate, *punch* do u know what that means, it has nothing to do with physical contact”

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