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The Hokey Pokey Song | Children Dance Songs | Cullen’s Abc’s

Hi there! Cullen’s Abc’s ( ) prepares children everywhere for school and life for free! Watch all the free Children’s Videos, Activity Idea Videos and Review Videos ( ) Request a personalized video ( ) Learn about the free Online Preschool ( ) Checkout Cullen’s iPhone/iPad apps ( ) & DVD’s ( ) Become a Facebook Friend ( ), follow Cullen on Twitter ( & Pinterest ( The Hokey Pokey is a dancing song for children, full of movement that kids love. Remember you can browse all of Cullen’s free children’s videos over at Thank you!

25 thoughts on “The Hokey Pokey Song | Children Dance Songs | Cullen’s Abc’s

  1. ur beautiful

  2. ur beautiful at dancing

  3. get a job lady….yehhhhh

  4. hahaha

    YEAH. … . . . .

  5. this video sucks and it is gay so it the lady

  6. you put ur hand in her arse


  8. why do you people make stupid comments???? this is for kids if you dont like them than dont watch them, pretty simple.

  9. You put your fist in, you pull your fist out, you slide your fist in to the wrist and you shake it all about. Then you get out the red hot poker and you do some messed-up shit. That’s what it’s all about.

  10. This video changed my life

  11. Lol

  12. When I hear this I will just shit in your face

  13. i believe it put your RIGHT hand in….put your LEFT hand in……RIGHT foot…….LEFT foot….get it right

  14. I am responding to the comment made by pinkfrostingkookies, I think you need to get it right. I believe she was general with the body parts because the audience she may be singing to doesn’t know left from right and she doesn’t want the children to be confused. You would use RIGHT and LEFT only when appropriate and if this song was used for a group of 2 year olds or even 3 year olds then guess what, they do not know left from right. So you get it right……

  15. Do you think the children really care about the voice? I don’t think you was the targeted audience. So you shouldn’t be so judgemental.

  16. naglorious1 is so judgmental

  17. this woman is sooooooo annoying

  18. lol 1:48

  19. fricking scary teacher!

  20. you suck..

  21. my 14 year old friends danced to this.

  22. Kids love it! Wrong Lyrics tho, usually, LEFT foot in, RIGHT foot, etc..

  23. Are you still alive?

  24. i dance to it and im 14

  25. Good for you! Stay young my friend. 🙂


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