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The Legend of Cobra Cat! – Funny cats fighting cobra style

The original is everywhere. in my lunch-break i added voices from kungfu panda. enjoy.

25 thoughts on “The Legend of Cobra Cat! – Funny cats fighting cobra style

  1. LOL!!!

  2. nice

  3. Karate

  4. Yeh piss off I’d like to kick you and watch you fly you fucking moron

  5. : )

  6. Nice

  7. Cute

  8. shut up both of u this was stuped

  9. that cat is sick

  10. second cat: do not touch me its annoying
    first cat:bitch its my paws mind your bsns
    wooh lol


  12. I didn’t know cats ware PANTS!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Ninja moves~

  14. King fu panda?

  15. Kong*

  16. try Kung

  17. Heh! Standing pussy technique. Heh. I’ve heard of you. So, you must be Standing Pussy Mi Young Ho from North Shoalin Pet Store.

    Heh. That’s right. Please. Have a seat. Have some tea.

    Damn you, Mi Young Ho! Keep your lousy tea! You killed my master. Now, I’m afraid… You’re gonna die.

    Heh. Right. Get ‘im!

  18. Black and white cat- back your ass up

    White cat- wish man I don’t want no more problems

  19. He was like back the fuck up! You don’t want the hands son! Lmao

  20. The birth of Mewtwo

  21. Haha I love cats… but not as pets I just think they are one of the funniest animals on earth

  22. Standing cat cobra ,my hero

  23. meow meow meow !

  24. I was drinking soda and it flew out my nose when i watched this

  25. dang I did it again

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