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The Walking Dead Game Best Scary (and Funny) Clips Episode 2 The Salt Lick & Sushi!!

The Walking Dead game episode 2 – best funny & scary random reaction clips/highlights/moments/scenes from iAmLauRawr’s WalkingDead playthrough. Episode 1 htt…

25 thoughts on “The Walking Dead Game Best Scary (and Funny) Clips Episode 2 The Salt Lick & Sushi!!

  1. wahaha

  2. Lol, basically that he/she finds this fine, but it’s a pitty he/she doesn’t understand anything that she’s saying.

  3. HAHA, thanks 😉

  4. Your voice is cute

  5. You forgot the salt lick in the freezer. That was hilarious…

  6. You look like a grate girlfriend to be with if you have a boyfriend he’s lucky to be with you. :3

  7. I like this one but have you seen the video called – Heston Having A Little Rave – its well funny!

  8. she hot

  9. fuck sake is that all some of you think about! 

  10. Well, thats akward for you, lol

  11. TYPE IN – Core King-Bryan Clemons. Those one arm, one leg bottle push ups are insane!!!!

  12. i subbed you have a subway sandwich 😀

  13. This movie sucks!

  14. Your a great commentator and i wish i could be like you!

  15. If I buy the walking dead cd for ps3 will I get all episodes

  16. You sound a bit like Rarity

  17. U ruin it -_- wasn’t even funny

  18. you are the best gamer i ever seen :D. when Season 2 comes out can you make reactions?

  19. hello… i prefer the walking dead funny

  20. omg…nooo……please dont do underground tunnels!!!

  21. OMG! your hulurious:D <3 this:)

  22. Prefer funny. 🙂

  23. Not funny at all

  24. Funny please

  25. He said: Cool, too bad I do not intend anything you say, kk

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