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Tim Minchin – Just For Laughs 2006

Tim Minchin performing Inflatable You at the Just For Laughs International Comedy Festival in Montreal, Canada.

25 thoughts on “Tim Minchin – Just For Laughs 2006

  1. @sarkasmi83 You will notice Tim often changes some of the songs, like in his new DVD he strays from the outlined lyrics included with it. All comedians due it, just updating and experimenting with their set.

  2. Got to love the playing piano badly and then swapping to an amazing piano solo trick.

  3. @TheeMaskedGuitarist Well yeeeeah I have noticed it…. This one just seemed a little accidental to me..?…. OR maybe it is totally intentional, how would I know 🙂

    I don’t know why I even fixated on it though to be honest, heh. As it really doesn’t even matter at all.
    I was tired when I wrote it… 🙂

    Just found out about Tim like 3 days ago and I guess it’d be nice to see him make a small mistake, as his performances are just _TOO PERFECT_ 😀 Brilliant, brilliant performer.

  4. I always giggle like a maniac during his absolutely PERFECT piano solos <3

  5. I’ve not seen this before, thanks. He’s like a cross between Victoria Wood, Les Dawson and a homeless nutcase. Brilliant!

  6. 1:50 !!!!!!!!! i love himmmm!!!!

  7. LOL he has a wife and two kids, I feel sorry for them if this is about their mum, and I feel sorry for Tim if it’s not…

  8. @kikitikiboom It’s about a Blow-Up sex doll….

  9. @Ubiitsa91 Yeah… I got that now. LOL I’m a bit slow to catch on… xD

  10. @kikitikiboom i’d have thought the line ”delectable inflatable you” at just 0:22, might have give it away myself haha

  11. @bricksalegend 😛 i am SO slow sometimes 😉

  12. OMG he is big foot?!
    why are his feets so big

  13. He’s playing exactly the right wrong notes.

  14. @TheOrgi69 they say if you have big feet you have a big…cock

  15. @WeAreChuckNorris I have huge feet, but my Roster is average size. I do however have fat chickens.

  16. @kikitikiboom it took me a while too… i wondered why the audience kept laughing at those references then i realised he literally meant that they were inflatable 😕 anyhoo, we can move on 😉

  17. @TheOzil55 xD

  18. every time he does the solo it gives me a shiver down my spine and makes me laugh… SO GOOD!!!

  19. @TheOrgi69 He often claps the floor with his feet, they get flattened and wider.

  20. Watching Tim Minchin videos on YouTube and the featured video is a Jeff Dunham clip with 50 times as many views. I’ve lost all faith in humanity.

  21. Love it, but he look’s Like a “more Human” Version Of Sweeny Todd

  22. @dyaknksf omg yeah!!!!! thts wht i thought 😀

  23. This is a thing you don’t see that often even in an act like his — he is goofing on all the conventions of vrtuoso piano playing and acting as if his hands had their own mind and weren’t always cooperating, so he is having to “make up for it” by miming these hilarious indignant reactions — Victor Borge did that to perfection and would have people absolutely losing it without saying a word. Tim does it in very different ways, but he really commands that gift effortlessly. It’s brilliant.

  24. This performance is freakin’ awesome, also the ‘show’ and piano plaxying. Oh my God!

    Big +! :DDD

  25. @dyaknksf I was thinking more like “Pre-death Beetlejuice!”

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