You know those prank videos on MTV? These two girls sure know how to prank their father real good. Their dad has been punked and he never saw this one coming. These kids were pretty clever to have played this prank on their dad without him being suspicious. Their dad was ready to go crazy and almost caused a pretty bad situation for an innocent bystander. See what their father does to get even with them. Remember what comes around goes around! Remember this case of mistaken identity of a possible thief could have been a disaster if the prank was not revealed soon enough. Audition for acting or singing and be on TV. See how by visiting our auditions website at: To see the contest winners in the “Name the kitty contest” then click on this video link here: Royalty Free Music By Kevin MacLeod Jason Shaw and is released under Creative Commons license 3.0 http See our next Justin Bieber or other pop star video soon. We will alternate between our regular videos and pop star videos. Be sure to check out our other channel as well called all4tubekidz