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Underwater Farting Prank – Throwback Thursday

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25 thoughts on “Underwater Farting Prank – Throwback Thursday

  1. Баян 

  2. You need to use real farts, its just not the same effect. 

  3. ___________________________________o88888o

  4. nous tous savons que les filles petent pas =P!

  5. the brunette is very sexy, the blonde is slim and fit

  6. не зря зашел

    The wind could blow the camera into the water and electrocute and KILL all
    people in the water!!!! 

  8. 0:27 is he an alien? No belly button…

  9. This is a very dangerous gag because presence of humans can attract
    potentially deadly parasitic creatures to enter through their skin and
    infect and possibly kill them. Their body heat could also attract other
    creatures like sharks, for example.

  10. Why are the bubbles in front of them? People generally don’t fart through
    their dicks.

  11. 0:37 a clone?

  12. 2 or 3 floaters coming up wouldn’t have gone amiss.

  13. I’m here for “click ear”

  14. Should have used a sulfur scented gas to make it seem more real

  15. Why are there no comments?

  16. 0:36 belly button? ALIEN

  17. brunette girl are the best of the best of the best 😀 married me pls :D

  18. click here????

  19. How can you fart from the front of your body? Penisfarts?

  20. Is this a re-upload? Sure i’ve seen this a few months back.

  21. This is a comment

  22. Ermagerd This is SEXIST against MEN!!!! But seriously, if the 2 women were
    men, and the guys were female, feminazi’s would be all over it.
    What happened to equality for both genders instead of this femenazi shit?

  23. 0:36
    where is his belly button

  24. I love to fart

  25. Have you heard about the beach bunnies? They’re lovely, cute,
    adorable….but also: MAJOR pranksters!

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