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Wedding Dance First As A Couple FUNNY Baby Got Back

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25 thoughts on “Wedding Dance First As A Couple FUNNY Baby Got Back

  1. She’s a keeper


  3. Lol:)

  4. hahahaaaaaaa

  5. This is great

  6. OMG! That’s SO funny! Was it planned or did it just happen like that?

  7. The girls better

  8. @MattsGuRL35 Planned

  9. @xXJESUSxCAKESXx no way! really? I did not noticed, fucking IDIOT

  10. @MattsGuRL35 it was obviously planned..

  11. It’s first, unique, the best! Everyboy aspires to beat you guys! You’re amazing!

  12. U go

  13. Lmaoooo

  14. I bet she makes the best sandwiches

  15. Hilarious!!! Love it.

  16. How, exactly, did her tits stay in that dress?

  17. @anusiaw30 Definately the best surprise dance EVER… Noone’s ever gonna beat them… ^^

  18. lol love it

  19. Вы молодцы,Вам подражает весь мир)))))))

  20. Genious, the best one for sure (the nice looking of the maried does help, isn’t it ?:)
    I wonder if they still are maried 🙂

  21. How could anyone dislike this? Grow up people. This was a fun exciting time for this Couple.

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  23. Lol,

  24. i just love this. every since this video was out everyones doing it now this couple is fucking legends!

  25. haaa

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