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Wrong Side Prank | Subscribe: Guys are confronted with a beach bathroom with girls on both sides. Buy JFL Stuff! http://gags…

23 thoughts on “Wrong Side Prank

  1. the little kid 0:50

  2. Argh! I wanna know! What was the comment?

  3. lol me too

  4. Lol

  5. Those men should have been trying to get some from them girls

  6. That was the same exact thing I asked myself. LOL

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  8. Yeah, something’s wrong with that picture. I’ll bet if we knew his name and looked up the sex offender list site we’d see his name. I believe we caught him violating conditions of his parole.

  9. I dont fully remember, but among other things he said that we’re in the 20th century 😀 and that I should get off of his balls.

  10. Lol lol lol lol

  11. Genius

  12. Thats a mean prank:D

  13. 1:14 jimmy savil

  14. i hate it when they delete the comments ,,,,can u tell us we he/she/it posted?

  15. Guess what.. he said, that we are in the 20st century 😀
    But let’s not blame him anymore… everyone can make mistakes.

  16. because they both needed to go?

  17. I forgot. Be he claimed it was the 20th century.

  18. Last guy jimmy Saville

  19. What if a girl walks in

  20. That’s messed up, they never got to take there shits.

  21. Everyone takes a second look.

  22. Best reaction was the black guy with the little white kid lol.

  23. *clicks (show the comment)*

    Comment no longer exists

    -_- ‘  sigh i’ll never know.

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